Dr. Cook’s talks focus on the ethics, social impacts, and future of technology. Talks are customized for each individual audience, but common requests and topics often include:

1. Tech companies, non-profits, and policymakers want to understand the role of ethics in technology, learn what issues are most urgent, and understand how these can be thought about and addressed in a positive, proactive way.

2. Universities, teachers, and students want to know how tech will influence the future of work and education and learn how to prepare the next generation of workers for a career in which the future is continuously changing.

3. Companies, government, and non-profits want to understand how tech affects the wellbeing and happiness of society and what we can do to ensure the future of democracy, accuracy of information, and economic stability moving forward.

4. Students, parents, and community groups want to know more about how technology affects their relationships, wellbeing, and happiness. In addition to exploring the mechanisms and hacks the industry uses to hijack attention, audiences will learn tools to improve wellbeing, relationships, and cognition, and fight digital addiction.

To book Dr Cook for a speaking event, please contact info@technologyawareness.org

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