Our Team

Katy Cook


Katy founded the Centre to help disseminate information about the effects of technology. Her extensive experience in mental health care and interdisciplinary studies informs her approach to offering collective, collaborative ways to manage and address technology’s impact on people, the world, and our future.

Katy has a PhD in interdisciplinary studies, an MA in Modern Culture Studies, an MA in Psychology, and a BA in Literature.

Anders Beier


Anders is a psychotherapist and executive coach in private practice with 10 years of clinical experience in mental health counseling. He has done extensive research on the psychological implications of technology in the modern world.

Anders holds a PhD in Jungian Studies, an MA in counseling, and several European degrees.

Our Mission

We see extraordinary value in the information, communication, and connectivity benefits technology offers and all the ways it makes our lives better. Alongside these, significant challenges are fast arising that need to be addressed, affecting everything from our environment and the economy to the job market and privacy.

Our mission is to raise awareness about these issues and encourage responsible, safe, and ethical uses of technology. Only by broadening our understanding of the issues we’re facing—and how they are connected—can we begin to address how to use technology to build a safer and more just and sustainable world.

Our Code

  1. We have a social responsibility to each other and our planet, which should guide our thinking about how we develop technology.
  2. Technology has both positive and negative effects.
  3. It is important to remember the human, social, and world impacts of our technological developments.
  4. We must address, manage, and regulate these impacts in a transparent way.
  5. This process will work best if we act together, across disciplines and in conversation with each other.

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