Our Team

Katy Cook


Katy founded the Centre to help disseminate information about the effects of technology. Her extensive experience in mental health care and interdisciplinary studies informs her approach to offering collective, collaborative ways to manage and address technology’s impact on people, the world, and our future.

Katy has a PhD in interdisciplinary studies, an MA in Modern Culture Studies, an MA in Psychology, and a BA in Literature.

Learn more about Katy, and download her CV, at katycook.net

Anders Beier


Anders is a psychotherapist and executive coach in private practice with 10 years of clinical experience in mental health counseling. He has done extensive research on the psychological implications of technology in the modern world.

Anders holds a PhD in Jungian Studies, an MA in counseling, and several European degrees.

Our Mission

In order to address the impacts of technology, we must understand not only what these are, but also how they came to be. Since 2013, CTA has been researching, presenting, and advising on the ethical threats of the technology – what these are, how best to mitigate them, and how to effectively plan ahead to proactively address future ethical concerns.

Technology is the most powerful tool in our world today, and Silicon Valley is the home of that innovation and power. Recent concerns around the safety, ethics, and responsibility of big tech have put a spotlight on the products, services, and behaviors of the industry. Our aim is to assist tech companies, educators, and legislators by ensuring technology is developed in a safe, ethical way that contributes to individual wellbeing, equality, and social cohesion.

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