West End show explores technology dependence

Golem, the latest production by theatre company 1927, comes to life at Trafalgar Studios in this stunning blend of animation and performance that explores our reliance on technology and its influence on our habits.

The show’s reviews have been of the highest marks – Dominic Cavendish deemed it ‘groundbreaking with strokes of genius’ in his recent review for the Telegraph – and it’s easy to see why. Drawing its title and theme from the Jewish folk myth, the production brings a rather sweet, slow clay Golem to life, under the direction of his new human owner, Robert, who has obtained him from an inventor friend. After the inventor’s company is bought out, however, Golem undergoes updates and is replaced by a second version, which surreptitiously influences Robert and his family to change how they act, what they buy, and even who they date. In a prescient and startling glimpse of our relationship with technology, Golem questions the capitalistic underpinnings of our digital age and the morality of a system whose agenda is to streamline and direct our choices.

To learn more about the show, watch BBC’s Spencer Kelly chat with cast and creators.

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