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The 5 best ways to get good information

We need a revolution of good information. After the past few weeks of fake news, hyper-biased reporting and filter bubbles, accessing good information seems more important than ever. Luckily, it’s actually easy to be aware of where your information is coming from. 1. Know your sources. This one seems obvious, but is actually really easy […]

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The Beauty of Boredom: How Technology Can Ruin Your Creativity

When was the last time you were bored? Really truly stare-at-the-wall, might-as-well-do-your-ironing-or-reorganise-your-kitchen-cupboards bored? If you’re like most of us, it’s probably been a while. Possibly that day the Internet went down, the cable went out or that time on holiday in 2005 when the wifi was dismal. It’s extremely difficult to be bored these days. […]

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West End show explores technology dependence

Golem, the latest production by theatre company 1927, comes to life at Trafalgar Studios in this stunning blend of animation and performance that explores our reliance on technology and its influence on our habits. The show’s reviews have been of the highest marks – Dominic Cavendish deemed it ‘groundbreaking with strokes of genius’ in his […]

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Internet Humanity

Amy Salloway’s recent Issues article for The Kernel, in which she discusses her experience after an inappropriate photo was posted online without her knowledge, is a well-written and poised discussion about what it feels like to be humiliated in the virtual world. It is also an important reminder that our online actions can have just […]

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Colouring Makes a Comeback

In a very digital world, a very analogue trend is making a surprising comeback: adult colouring. We’re not talking sordid images (though there is potentially a niche market there as well), just good old fashioned colouring in, with some pens or coloured pencils, sat round a table, diligently trying to stay inside the lines. Think: […]

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Can We Disconnect? Prince Ea Says “Yes We Can”

American rapper and activist Richard Williams, known as Prince Ea, is the latest public figure to express concern about the state of our technology-inundated world. The video, “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?” comes, somewhat ironically, via YouTube, and in just under two weeks has received nearly 5 million hits. In the video, Williams addresses issues commonly […]

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Technology Addiction Treatment Centres Open in India

India is the latest country to open treatments centres exclusively for the purpose of treating technology addiction. This spring, Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma opened the Services for Healthy Use of Technology (SHUT) Clinic in Bangalore with the aim of combating technology addiction. This summer, a similar clinic opened in Delhi, an NGO aimed at treating […]

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